It might have been better in the parking lot…

Opening Night is finally here and we got lucky with it being a Friday!  What did this mean… a packed parking lot, the smell of bbq in the air, music blaring and new and old friends catching up before the game.  An awesome fly by and then well… the actual game began.

A few things I have to note about the actual tailgate – we got this unpleasant security guard who came over to our tailgate of about 75 people to tell us that we need to take everything down about an hour before the game.  Excuse me?  “Yes this all needs to come down and the music needs to be turned off”.  Perhaps he’s new and very power driven – the result of being picked on in school all his years growing up – but this is Oakland on Opening Day.  You can’t make people take down their tailgates!  It’s part of being a fan in Oakland!  So we told him we would pay for the all the spots and that shut him up but what a very unpleasant start to the season.

I think there was more entertainment around the park then actually on the field.  To the guy carrying around a beer bong the whole game wasted trying to get people to give up their $8 beers for him to the drunk guy who walked into the girl’s bathroom and even checked himself out in the mirror on his way out after doing his business.

But the game itself??  Geren said to the press last night after the game “I’ll just say you won’t see that very often”  Well Geren, I hope not.  But considering I don’t know barely any of the players on the team (not uncommon for being an A’s fan in a new season) but right now I don’t have much faith in the players.  The preseason game on Tuesday and now this – I’ve been seeing a lot of errors and we look worse than a high school team. 

I hope that the team can start to actually gel together (wasn’t that what spring training was for?) and start playing as a team and minus the errors.  But as for last night’s performance, I can only say it most likely would have been more entertaining if we had all stayed in the parking lot with the plethora of tailgates.

Funny quote

Ok this time is weird for me because the Cubs are playing the A’s and I say GO CUBBIES!!!!🙂

But I was watching an old episode of Roseanne last night and found this really funny and wanted to share:

Dan’s dad:  “your Cubs are looking good this year”

Dan: “Yeah they are.. yeah they are.. Of course they could be contenders”

Dan’s dad: “Of course it’s only spring training.  Everyone look like a contender in spring training”


The A’s swept the Giants this past weekend simply have
playing small ball and having great pitching. 
The Giants only scored one run the entire weekend.  Bunts, stealing bases and sacrificing flies
were what the weekend was about.  It’s
nice to see the A’s actually playing Moneyball. 
Let’s hope they keep it up.

And thanks to my Cubbies beating the Rangers, the A’s moved closer to 1st.

Curse of Zito

It’s Friday night for a Battle of the Bay game in Oakland so you know you can expect to see a lot of loud drunk fans on both sides.  It was very pleasurable to see all the drunk Giants fans not so vocal by the end of the night.  But don’t be too down Giants fans, Zito never plays well in Oakland since being a part of the Giants.  So you can keep him, Giants.

Not having season tickets this year has been interesting.  Mainly because I have now only gone to four games and each time have sat somewhere different.  Last night was the most packed I’ve seen it in a long time and rightfully so.   But we were able to get $28 tickets in 129.  The only bad part of this section are the signs that are right in front of you distracting part of your view.  But it was nice to be out of the cold, bathrooms right by you and right in front of the Kona stand.  There was also some ribs stand that smelled amazing but I do not know if it’s any good or not.


The last game I went to against the Yankees we had really good seats behind the A’s warm up pitching mound.  Nice seats, the concession people always walk by, but not sure I want to spend that much for every game.

The best deal that is new this year for the ballpark and everyone should know about is the Value Deck deal.  True the seats are on the 3rd deck and the players look tiny but for $15 ticket you get admission and your ticket acts as a $6 voucher to use on whatever (in my case it’s a free beer).  I would definitely get these tickets for games I want to just attend and don’t care that much about who we are playing.  Also food and drinks are easy to get up there since it’s only a small section on the 3rd deck.

photo.jpgNext up I need to sit in a suite! 🙂

I’m back!

Sorry I took a mini break – playoff hockey is taking up most of my time right now! (go Sharks!)

During the break though, I was meeting with some business colleagues at the St. Regis hotel in San Francisco to realize there are people waiting outside.  I asked my colleague why people were waiting outside and she informed me that the Yankees were staying there.  So throughout the morning I saw different players in and out of lobby.  I obviously hate the Yankees so didn’t care for the most part – until around 3 p.m I look to my right and who do I see – Nick Swisher!  and star struck I yelled out “Nick Swisher!”  He turned and smiled, and thankfully wasn’t sure who had called out his name. ;-)  That night I went to the game which the A’s lost and Swisher didn’t even play but it was fun to see players pictures come up and I would think to myself “I saw him at the bar earlier”

Thankfully the A’s won last night and it was much needed.  But the question on my mind at the moment is….

WHY have the A’s not fired their personal trainer?!!  Every year injuries seem to plague our team more than any teams out there and this year we are on pace to break some records.  When will they ever track it back to the trainer – the only common thing on the team year after year.

Adam who?

I only caught the last few innings of the A’s vs. Angels
game yesterday but when I turned it on, the A’s were on fire!  I’m glad I caught the best part.  But as I’m sitting there watching the A’s
rally, up to bat comes a name I don’t recognize.  Of course this is normal with the Oakland
Athletics roster but I found myself asking “Adam who?”  Quick Google search tells me that Adam
Rosales came over with a under publicized trade in February with the Reds.  Adam is up to bat in the 7th,
runners on 2nd and 3rd, and hit a 2 run single.  The announcers then mention how his first at
bat (and first swing) for the Oakland Athletics resulted in a home run.  I am very bummed I missed that!  Adam Rosales ended up with 4 RBIs and 1
HR.  After the game, the announcers were
interviewing him and Adam says “I just grew up doing it” and expressed his love
and passion just for the game and that he was just having fun (reminded me a
lot of Nick Swisher).  After researching
this guy some more it might be hard for me to not favorite him – and of course
it has nothing to do with him being a lifelong Cubs fan.😉

On another note, Ellis also played great with a .345 batting
average including 2 RB’s.  Did I mention
he was playing DH?  Perhaps the A’s
should stick with this lineup for a little while.  I’m interested to see what else Adam Rosales
can do.

Moneyball or Moneybags?

As much as I would like to write this blog on the amazing
nacho cheese dispenser that was at our tailgate, I must actually write about
the game.

There was obviously a lot of buzz about Jack Cust being put
on assignment to make room for Eric Chavez for the DH.  And Eric Chavez went 0-4 last night leaving
me screaming “where’s Cust?” and of course Chavez isn’t even mentioned on the
recap of the game on, but what I felt was the real kicker
was the advertisement I saw on BART on my way home.

“It’s more exciting to build wins than to buy them”

Ok obviously going for the Moneyball idea in this ad.  That we don’t need the money to buy a team
like, let’s say, the Yankees but instead build on strong, not as well known
players.  Nice idea if Oakland still
played that way. 

Eric Chavez, whose salary is $11,500,000, just caused a
demotion of Jack Cust whose salary is $2,800,000 (still a lot in comparison of
other players who also did really well last night – Davis and Buck at $410,000
each).  But here you have the A’s keeping
a big name for what purpose?  To me it’s
just another out in the inning. 

Eric Chavez was Moneyball. 
I’ll give it that.  But the book
was written in 2003.  To still be
following the Moneyball ideals, the A’s would be choosing someone who was maybe
good on the team 4 years ago over someone who has played better in the most
recent seasons.  Sure, Chavez is the
Golden Boy (and has the six golden gloves to prove it).  He has been a figurehead for the A’s.  But look at recent numbers and it explains
why everyone is screaming “What is Billy Beane doing?” He picked someone who hit
0 homeruns in 2009 (8 games played), 2 homeruns in 2008, and 15 homeruns in
2007.  In fact, Eric Chavez hasn’t beaten
Jack Cust’s homerun average since 2005.

So again, I ask myself “why?” and the only answer I come up
with is his salary.  Because the A’s have
placed a value on Chavez and they hope to prove it.  While suffering losses at the same time and
upsetting fans.  If the A’s really meant
their ad of “It’s more exciting to build wins than to buy them” they would
stick with the performing, underpaid athletes that make the A’s the A’s.

On a side note, the nacho cheese dispenser is a must for
everyone to own.😉

Beer, BBQ, Buddies and Baseball! Tis the Season!

What a way to kick off the season!  It’s the traditional pre-season A’s vs.
Giants game.  This is the day where most
of us go to just tailgate because the game doesn’t count.  But it’s also the first chance to re-unite
with friends, fire up the grill, see the freshly groomed field and overwhelmed with
the smell of hotdogs, popcorn and beer. 
And this day did not disappoint (even if the A’s lost).  


With the threat of rain looming, the majority
of us showed up between 9 and 10 a.m. 
Put out the tables with all the yummy food, tap the keg and start a game
of beer pong.  Of course this is how a Bay Area
fan does it. 


Most of the day was enjoyed
re-connecting with old friends and enjoying the A Lot.  Thanks to Steve for putting the tailgate
together!  I was late to get into the
game but after grabbing a beer in my favorite Irish pub and sneaking down to
better seats than what we paid for, I was able to witness the A’s do what they
do best – rally at the bottom of the 9th but come up short.  Oh well – it’s preseason – and all about the


The Wolverine is back

I always loved Chad Gaudin. And when he was traded with Rich Harden to
the Cubs, I by chance got to see his first game at Wrigley (in which
the Cubs beat the Giants with the help of Harden and Gaudin’s pitching).

when I heard the other day that he was released from the Yankees, it
didn’t even cross my mind that he might be wearing green and gold this
season. But sure enough the A’s signed a one year deal with him

Chad Gaudin can be hit or miss but when he is on,
he’s good so I’m glad to see him back. Especially since the A’s did
barely nothing in the offseason – this gives me something to look
forward to.

Another Year, Another Gone, but the Spirit lives on

I turned on the t.v. this afternoon and I had left it on WGN and what do you know – my first baseball game of the season to watch and it’s of course the Chicago Cubs.  and this is just as bittersweet as last year.

Last year I wrote about my father who had passed and his love for the Cubs.  My grandfather followed my dad last month.  Every summer I spent at my grandparents’ house in central Illinois and my grandpa listened to every Cubs game on the radio or watched it on WGN.  The love for the Cubs runs in the family.  It’s a history that is hard to put into words, but any Cubs fan is familiar with.

Well Cubs fans, spring has arrived.  Baseball, beer and “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” around the corner.  It means it’s that time where we all go “could this be the year?”

Maybe.  I know I will be watching the games knowing my dad and both my grandpa’s are watching them with me.  And just maybe – this could be the year that we all see it finally happen – with all the generation of Cubs fans who have passed before us watching on the biggest screen possible from heaven.

and I will represent wearing my Grandpa’s Cubs belt buckle.

Bring on baseball!  Let’s Go Cubbies!